How We Help

How we help you – Values based financial planning

In the grand scheme of things, money is not that important. It is important only to the extent that it allows you to enjoy what's important to you. And not worrying about your finances is critical to having a life that excites you, nurtures those you love, and fulfills your highest aspirations.

If you want to make smart choices about money based on what is important to you – your core values – Values-Based Financial Planning is for you. Through Values-Based Financial Planning, together we will build a financial strategy starting with your unique values. Defining them will help you create a plan that not only looks good on paper but also spurs you to follow through. If you have a future – and most of us do, regardless of age or net worth – I can help you realize what's most important to you, align your financial choices with the great life you want and become inspired to do whatever it takes to have that life.

Every great accomplishment has a sound strategy behind it and creating the financial future you desire is no different. Spontaneity definitely spices up your life, but having no plan is a recipe for mediocrity. What if the Egyptians had winged it when building the pyramids? Or if the astronauts had known only generally where they were headed? Great feats are achieved as a result of people simply knowing what they want and why! Athletes attain Olympic glory, musicians perform at Carnegie Hall; scientists, writers, philanthropists, and politicians earn the Nobel Prize. And many people who'll never make headlines create the good life for themselves – as they define it – and greatly reduce or eliminate their financial stress. This is what Values-Based Financial Planning is already doing for my clients. This is what I can do for you.

Services for the Individual Financial Planning including:

  • Federal Estate Tax Analysis & Planning
  • Education Funding Analysis
  • Wealth Management – Portfolio Management Services
  • Lease vs. Buy Analysis
  • Financial Independence Planning
  • Cash Flow Analysis
  • Tax Planning
  • Qualified Pension Option Analysis
  • Non-Qualified Personal Retirement Programs
  • Planning for Long Term Care
  • Roth vs. Traditional IRA Analysis
  • Life Insurance
  • Health Insurance
  • Investments
  • Annuities

Services for the Business

  • Business Continuation Planning
  • Retirement Plan Design and Administration
  • Retirement Plan Investment Management
  • Deferred Compensation
  • Split Dollar
  • Key Employee Insurance
  • Fringe Benefit Plans
  • Group Life, Health and Disability Insurance