Meet With Us

What are the costs and obligations of meeting with you?

At our initial meeting, we will start out by discovering “What's important about money to you?” From there, we will discuss your specific financial goals that require money to achieve. Then we will review what planning you have done to date. At the end of this process I will be able to tell you what we can do for you and how we can work together. There is no cost for our initial meeting, nor is there any obligation for you to hire us.

If you decide to contract our services, you will need to sign a Financial Advisory Agreement, laying out what is expected from you and what is expected from us. Our minimum fee to prepare a financial plan is $1,000. In addition to delivery of a written financial plan, you will also receive additional consultation and assistance with implementation as may be needed for one year.

Characteristics Our Clients Have Shared

In reflecting on our small community of ideal clients it occured to us that there were many things they had in common before they began working with us. These attributes were not shared by every one of our ideal clients...just most of them:

  • Have important financial goals.
  • Want to simplify his/her life by delegating his/her financial matters to competent, trustworthy professionals.
  • Care for family, community or someone/something other than self.
  • Enjoy the idea of having one advisor coordinating all financial things.
  • Have $100,000 of investable assets or have $100,000 of gross annual family income.
  • And most importantly they were willing to take action to implement a  financial plan.

Creating a great plan without taking action to implement it is like buying an airplane ticket and not taking the trip. Taking action is vital to success. These observations enable me to praise our community of clients for recognizing their financial planning needs and choosing to delegate them to a trusted advisor. In that way, our clients are able to spend more time on their quality of life.

After working with us, I would say that the most common traits of our clients would be that they are financial delegators who are excited about and focused on their futures. They are people who sought out a trusted advisor because they refuse to spend time on less important things at the expense of those things that are most important in life. Competent money management is delegable and our community of clients “get it”.